Monday, June 7, 2010

Lovin' the Farm life

The latest farmin' story from Asher Acres.

I went to go pick up my steer from the Career Center today.  So he's all settled in.  We also decided to get a pig from them since they had a few extras so I picked out a pretty nice Duroc gilt and loaded her up along with my steer (except that she was in the back and he was in the front).  We get back on the road and stopped at an moderately busy intersection and realized that the trailer divider had not been locked shut as it swung open and was making some nice loud banging noises.  :P  I hopped out to go close it but when I get in the trailer (forgetting to close the gate behind me) the pig ran in with my steer who began wildly kicking at her.  She beelines for the open gate behind me and runs right out into the road and off the side.  I'm trying to calm her down and get her back to the trailer without her going on the road or freaking out but she just keeps running, so I grabbed her ears and she immediately stopped.  Finally everyone else gets out of the van and Dad took her back legs and I got her front.  (Mind you, she's probably 140#s).  We got her loaded up, after several people had stopped, clearly puzzled as to why there was a pig running around in the grass by the road in the city.  Ahhh, life!  When we got back in the van, Dad noticed the camera.  Wish we'd seen it earlier!  What memories.

Anyway, so I have my baby (my 1150# steer) home!  Hopefully I'll get some pics up of him soon.



Catherine Anne said...

great post!

Jenna said...

That's too I'm sure it was just a little frightening when everything was happening, but I'm so glad that you caught the gilt!!

Adventures on the farm, right?!

Love ya~

The Myers Family said...

I was ROFL reading this post...too funny. Wish we could have witnessed it!! :O)

Anonymous said...

Hi - I used to come get milk from your family, but the drive and the time got to be too much for us as busyness increases. But I follow your blog from time to time because I think your family is awesome and I like to see what you're all up to. I just wanted to say that you are an encouragement to me in my walk with Jesus, and please tell your parents hello, and that we miss coming to visit. Our girls still talk about your farm and the raw milk. :)
-Karen (& Nick) Dysinger