Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Gala kidded last evening with twins....a buck and a doe! Yeah! Finally got that doe kid out of Presto! :) Of course she had to be black and white while the buck was the chamosee (brown, black and white) but oh well. She is cute anyway.

For the story.......
I went to go out do chores at 4:00 (I'm starting earlier since I have to be at driver's ed at 5:30) and started the whole process of milking. I got the cow in, milked Missy and Gypsy, Hannah and Rosemerry, Gatlin and Mandie, went to the next pen (with all the yearlings in it) and pulled out Spot and Natalia, put them away and was pulling out the next two does when I saw Gala in the back corner of the pen with 2 kids. I was like "Oh my word". I wasn't prepared for her at all and she had them already cleaned off, had actually nursed them :( and was happy as a little lark. AAARRRGGG! So I picked 'em up, handed them to Rachel and kept on going with my milking. She brought them inside and put them near the fire (not in a box or any type of confinement) and left them. They crawled back behind the fireplace and stayed there most of the evening. They are out in the barn now.....thankfully!!!!
Little doe kid....UR My Sunshine! (Sunshine)
Gala's buck. No name....won't get one. lol!

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Jenna said...

She sure kicked them out fast!! It's amazing what they do when it's in their head...we've been waiting on Tenn and Jill all day 'cause they're acting goofy, but as of yet - nothing. I sure hope that I catch them:) Yeah for the doe kid!!! You deserved at least one of those. Are you going to keep her??

See you later,