Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Violet....and Rose?

Actually, we haven't decided on a name yet but Rose would be a good name for the heifer calf born yesterday from Violet!

So here's the story. We had all come upstairs for lunch and I finished before everyone and went into the living room. I looked outside over the pasture and saw Violet laying down but Billy was in the way so I couldn't tell that she was pushing. Then I saw this dark brown "thing" that Billy kept sniffing at and I was like "oh my goodness, Violet's calving!". That caused quite a stir in the said she looked around her and all the plates were still on the table but the house was deserted!

So we all run out there and Abigail and I make it out there first...."It's a heifer!!!"....and start drying it off though Violet was pretty much doing her job totally right. We all stood there waiting and I realized I had forgotten my camera so Elizabeth offered to run up to the house and get it. She was back before the calf was totally on it legs yet so I have the pictures of it's first time on legs.

We moved her into the barn and milked out Violet. I think she'll be a good milker...she gave 2 gallons of colostrum! We are all looking forward to the cheese, butter, sour cream, and everything else we make. Oh yeah, and we are going to be selling soy free/corn free cow shares so you can let everyone know.



Jenna said...

What a suprise! Oh, that's wonderful that she had a heifer...after all that you've been through to get her bred, she definitly owed you that!!! What a cutie too:) Is she a holstein/jersey cross? I sure can't remember~

What about Viola for a name?! Violet and Viola?

Love your friend,

Josh said...

How exciteing! I forgot that Violet was even bred, so I was quite suprised to see this post..."It" is very cute. Thanks for the pictures. Celia had her kid last night, so I guess that it was a baby day!
God Bless,

J.J. Biddinger said...

I'm soooo glad I live in the city. :)

Bethany said...

Jenna, I was so excited to have a heifer and we all would have been very disappointed if it had been a bull. She is 3/4 Jersey and 1/4 Guernsey if I remember correctly. You know, it's kinda funny. I call Violet "Viola" all the time! I'm actually thinking Ellie, I think it's really cute. :)

Josh, have you decided on a name for "mini Cilia" yet? How is she doing?

J.J. you just totally don't know what you are missing! You should come out and visit our farm. Kids, calves, work on the farm, etc. breaks up the monotony of the winter school days. I think you'd probably enjoy it....:)

In Christ,

J.J. Biddinger said...

To me, "Kids, calves, work on the farm, etc" means, "Children, dirty animals and gruesome manual labor." :)

Not the life for me. :P


Bethany said...

Congradulations! I haven't ever seen a cow born! That must have been very exciting. She's a really cute calf.

Jenna said...

Ah J.J. 'tis not the case! "Kids, calves, work on the farm etc." means:
Fun...satisfaction...hard work...showers(!)!

But! God made us all to enjoy different things, so even though I can't personally understand your "dislike" for this kind of life, in a way I can understand!!!

Blessings brother~
Your sister in Christ,