Friday, March 13, 2009

Jessie and Lulu!

Some of the newest kids we have here on the farm. The one in the back left corner is Lulu's kid. The two big Alpine with black on them are Jessie's. The two little spotted ones are Spot's and the sandy colored ones are Candie's.
Yesterday Jessie and Lulu kidded.

Jessie kidded around 10:00 a.m. with HUGE twin buck kids. One has the color of her but the markings of his father and the other looks just like his father. These were our first kids out of Presto. They were 9 and 91/2 pounds. Big guys who have a bad case of DBS (dumb buck syndrome)!

I went out to the barn to look at some waterers that Dad had just put in and saw Lulu had kidded with a single buck. I'm thinking that he had already nursed since she pretty much had no milk and he was NOT interested in the bottle. He ate well this morning though so he'll start growing pretty quick. :)

Totals here on Asher Acres are now 18 kids (6 does and 12 bucks) and 11 does milking. I'm thinking Rosemerry will be kidding today and Gatlin will be close behind her. Then we might have a break for a few days and then the rest of them are going to go close together.

Oh, and I have finally decided on a name for Candie's doe.....Cup-O-Gold and I'll call her Goldie. I think she is adorable! :)

I apoligize that my posts have been boring lately....I said you all going to get tired of it!

In Christ!


Jenna said...

DBS is SOOOOO frusterating! Remember at Tammy's? Oh, this one must be a buck:)!!

Oh, just some comfort from 1 of your followers and friends, I'm not tired of the kid posts yet...

Right now at our place things aren't that busy, but next year we're gonna freshen alot more does and I'm going to be posting like you too:) Then you'll groan!!!!

Love you,

Bria said...

How cute!
My grandfathers goats have greatly multiplied. He has 26 new baby kids in two weeks! I just love it when new life enters the world.