Tuesday, September 29, 2009

(Cool)School stuff

Good morning my fellow bloggers!  It's been a while since I've posted anything here and I just thought I'd update everyone on the happenings around here.  :)  Not that much is really going on.....but anyway.

School is keeping everyone occupied this time of year.  The school kids are doing well at school and always come home with plenty of stories.  I'm loving my classes at the careers center, been keeping busy with getting ready for chicks and working on livestock judging stuff.  This morning we get at total of 200 chicks into the center (dividing them up into 8 groups) and we'll be raising them for a state competition in 6 weeks.  Our livestock judging team is also off the a fair about 45 min. away to get some livestock judging in.  We are in a frenzy getting ready for the National competition in about 3 weeks.

My 6 week project at the careers center is a micro-organism project.  I have 3 organisms so far and need to get at least 7 more.  I'm hoping to find a pond that I get go gather some from once the weather clears up.  It's been cold, nasty and rainy for a few days here.  Here is a pictures of one of the organisms I found.  Pretty cool, huh?  I also found an Aquatic Sowbug (Subphylum Crustacea; Order Isopoda) and a Scud ( Subphylum Crustacea, Order Amphipoda).  They are both in the “Shredder” feeding group.  The one in the picture I think is a Caddisfly Larva, Order Trichoptera.  The feeding group varies. 

Have a good day everyone!  To God be the glory.

In Christ,


The Myers Family said...

Do you remember G & G Geese have a pond on the back of the farm if you need to find more items,just say the word!!

F.Y.I. Give the cornish hens turkey starter!! Higher in protein!

Bethany said...

I was thinking about that, maybe I'll see if Dad can bring me over there soon. And great tip on the feed...I hadn't even thought about that! Thanks!

The Myers Family said...

If you want you all could come and have an outing around the pond. It would be a fun time exploring.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry i haven't followed your blog!! I thought i already did.

Living4Jesus said...

Wow, that's a neato picture Bethany!! I hope you have success in all your stuff. :)


Anonymous said...

I awarded you and check out my giveaway!!!

Bethany said...

Myers, we got out to the pond last night. Thanks! I'm sure I'll get lots of aquatic organisms. :)

Ashly, thanks for following my blog and for the award! That's so sweet of you. :)

L4J, thanks! I'm really enjoying this project. :) Much more interesting than leaves or weeds or the other regulars. lol!