Friday, September 18, 2009

Early Hunt

Hey Everyone!  Some of you may know already that there was an early antlerless firearm season that started yesterday.  If not, you didn't miss much. ;)  It is kinda cool to be able to head out in the morning with nothing more than a sweatshirt and jeans on (minus the fact that I froze because I miscalculated the temperature) or barn boots (minus the mosquitoes at night).   However, I do prefer it over the freezing November temperatures during the regular season.  So anyway, yesterday morning I head out to where I was going to sit (which was a log performing as a natural blind) and about 45 yards before I hit my blind, my flashlight goes dead.  I'm thinking, "oh great" this is awesome.  Well, I can't see a thing so I just sit right down there (pretty much out in the open) and just sit.  Not two minutes later, I hear a "crunch, crunch" of a deer behind me.  Still really dark so of course I couldn't shoot anything if I tried so all I could do was listen to it.  Right after that another deer in front of me starts "whistling" to warn everything out in the woods that I was there trying to interrupt the peace.  Needless to say, other than hearing another doe making other odd noises, I didn't see a thing all morning.  Not to be discouraged, I headed out again at 4:00 in the evening.  Quick note to self: don't ever head out that early again.  At least this time I was in a decent location and not sitting on the logging trail.  I promptly feel asleep for a good 1/2 hour to 45 min.  Ahhhh....that felt good!  When I woke up there was nothing to be seen for an hour, two hours, three hours.  By this time I'm thinking about everything I really should be doing in the house and about 7:15 I got up (it's still light out) and head towards the house through the woods.  I get almost to the house and hear this noise.  I look over to my left and there behind some bushes stands two nice does.  Of course they have heard and seen me so they are really cautious.  I was like, well I'm not sure I can get them from here (since they were behind quite a bit of brush) but why not try?  About .2 seconds after thinking that they hightailed it outta there.  Of course, if I had remained sitting where I was they probably would have walked right in front of me.  Hey, but I got inside and took care of what needed taking care of!  And I was not 100% discouraged!  I'm heading out again this morning!  :)

Hopefully with a more successful story soon,

P.S. You all can laugh, I really was too. ;) :P


Jenna said...

Oh Bethany!!! At least there's a bunch of them out there:) Way to not get discouraged!!!

Love ya~

Anonymous said...

Oooh, sounds like fun!

Sorta off topic and on topic, one of my friends lives on a huge peice of land, and we hike through her back yard, literally. Its always lots of fun and we take walky talkies so if we need anything her mom has the other one. Lots of great memories from hiking. :)

The Myers Family said...

Sounds like you are determined to get one...which is good. Please know we are thinking of you with hopes of getting one.

The Myers'

Bethany said...

Jenna, there are plenty out there...just have yet to shoot them. ;) They are too smart. :(

Maggie, that sounds like so much fun! I love hiking!

Myers, thanks for the encouragement! I'm very very determined to get one...might take me like 20 years...but I'll do it! lol


Josh said...

Way to be enthousiastic! At least they're out there though:) Maybe this year!!!

Your brother in Christ,