Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stories from the (non)Hunter

I'm sure everyone is wondering weather or not this crazy hunter has been successful.  The answer ;) 

Dad and I went out to a different woods yesterday morning and though I saw a doe, she remained in the brush and behind trees.  It was pretty neat though, because she started making this deer call.  A deer had been shot the morning before there so we aren't sure if it was attempting to call it (it could have been it mother or baby) or what was going on. 

I went out again last night and waited a little bit and went out at 5:30ish instead of 4:00.  I decided I wasn't going to get bored and took out some writing utensils and started writing away.  Around 7:00 I decided I was all cramped up and stood, looked around behind me and there was a deer (I think it may have been a buck) walking along.  He was too far off for me to shoot so I just enjoyed the view.  About 1/2 hour later I just happened to look up as a deer bounded back off into the woods.  Around 8:00, it was getting pretty dark and I saw (and heard) another deer do the same thing.  Oh great.  Well, by this time they are like walking all over the woods, behind me and in front of me.  I seem to no longer be a threat to all this wildlife, even with a gun in hand.  I did see a bunch of squirrels, a coon, some geese flying south and plenty of other little birds.  Oh, and I got a bunch of writing done! 

Now I'm not giving up yet.  I'm just not going out this morning. :P  It's cold, and I don't ever see anything in the morning in our woods anyway so I'll just enjoy a rather relaxing morning!  I'll go again tonight....any great writing ideas for me today? ;)

Sorry for the non picture posts....kinda boring I know, but I haven't taken any pictures the last few days.  :(

Have a great weekend folks!
In Christ,


Jenna said...

I just know you're going to get one this year!! (Don't let me down lol)...I just can't wait to taste some of that *delicious* venison...roll eyes...

Love you:)

Anonymous said...

My grandparents own a huge peice of land. One time we went up their to fish and hike and make smores and behind the food table was a deer. My aunt screamed when she saw it just standing there, minding its own bussiness.