Monday, September 14, 2009


Asher Acres raises smart goats.....Goldie is heading off to college tomorrow! Of course, that's just to kiss some professors. :) A local college is hosting a "Kiss A Goat Contest" and we were invited to bring the goat. Goldie is our little sweetheart so she was the first on our minds. I'm sure she'll be a great hit. I'm gonna be at school (sad face) but Abigail is going with Mom so she'll be our photographer. I'll hopefully post a bunch of pictures tomorrow!

Till then!


Jenna said...

That's going to be hilarious:) Looking forward to some pictures!!!

Love your friend,

Anonymous said...

That is a hoot, Bethany!

Emily said...

Does "kiss the goat" mean what I think it does??? I mean- kiss a horse or a dog is one thing but a goat???

Josh said...

I remeber you telling me this! That's really hilarious to think about people kissing a goat as a contest!!!


Anonymous said...

Lol! I awarded you, check it out on my blog.