Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We finished the fence Monday afternoon. Here are some pictures of the finished product.....
View #1.
View #2.
View #3.
View #4. As you can see, it comes about 12-15 feet away from the herb garden picket fence. Oh, and BTW, those trees are no longer there. We cut them down. No more fruit trees.... :( The price you must pay for a pasture. lol!
The animals are already enjoying it. :) We will mostly use it for horses but occasionally for goats.

For news around here.......Abigail and I started working today picking asparagus. Thus starts our summer job. ;) Oh, and tonight (I leave in about 20 minutes) I take my State Test for Driver's Training. Pray for me!

In Christ,


Josh said...

Great Job! I love looking at fences. There's something wonderful about a well made, sturdy fence. I suppose it's just all the hard work that is put into it, you just have to appreciate it.

I'll be praying for your driving test tonight...

Rachel M. said...

Great job! It looks very, very good!

God bless, dear sister. (:

Jenna said...

How did your test go Bethany?! The fence looks awesome~

Love your friend,

p.s. I am going to pm you soon, just haven't had much of any time to do so...miss you!!

Rebecca said...

Looks great! :)