Friday, April 24, 2009

Kickapoo Buck Kid

I have a permit. Well, it's just a temporary permit but it works the same as a regular permit. Dad and I drove down to IL to pick up a buck from Kickapoo. They have some AWESOME dairy goats, both Alpines and LaManchas. It was about a 5 hour drive each way so we left at 9:15 on Wednesday morning. I drove all the way there. Whew, that's quite a ways. We got there about 3:00 (we had stopped at a few places on the way down), looked around at the goats for a while, picked up the buck and were back on the road by 4:00. We got home around 9:15. Long 12 hour day. I slept a good portion of the way home tho. lol!
My temp. driver's permit.
A view out the window of Illinois. Wide open, awesome farm land. :)
Correct hand position of 9-3. hehe!
Driving down an Indiana toll road.
The buck kid. Sorry this isn't a very good picture of him but it's the only one we got. I'll try to see if I can get some more later today while they are outside.

Oh, and for everyone's's supposed to be in the 80s here the next few days. I'm kinda glad, but it's getting warm too fast. I think the bull calf is already suffering from the immense changes. Hopefully it's nothing too bad.

We are putting up some more fencing so I will be posting on that the next few days or so. I hope to have most of it up by this weekend.

Well, have a wonderful day everyone!

In Christ,


Jenna said...

Hey Bethany!
You look like a natural behind the wheel:) I can't wait to take drivers training...

I'm glad that you liked Kickapoo's goats!!! I would definitly still like to work something out with buck shares...what we talked about on the phone several days ago.

We're still shopping for a buck!!

Talk to you later dear friend!


Josh said...

Neat! Love the buck kid! I can't wait to do drivers ed. I'm just like you, I know how to drive, it's only I haven't had the formal training yet...
Your brother in Christ,

Rachel M. said...

Congratulations, Bethany! :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I can't wait to take drivers ed; I might this fall. But we aren't sure yet.
Brianna Van Dyke

Rebecca said...

You drove? Neat! I could get my permit as well... I could have gotten it in Feb. But I never read the book, and I'm not sure where it is...