Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Science Project Pics!

Here are the promised pictures!
Dad pulling the calf into the house. I was supposed to be helping....but snapped this picture. :)
Abigail holding the head above water, me pushing the rest of the body under.
Drying him off. Note: He was still very weak at this point.
Me feeding him some milk. He sucked some of it down pretty well and then stood up but not for long.
Laying beside the fire. This is where he sat for a long time, slowly getting colder and colder. We knew he wasn't going to last long since he just would not regenerate his own heat. :(

.....and back into the water again. This is the last picture you will see him alive.

Attention! If you don't want to see our recent hands on science project (aka, calf dissecting)...DON'T GO ANY FURTHER!

All labeled up!
Ben and Abigail taking out the stomach. It was all full of curdled milk.
And last but not least! Alithia's girls! I really like the one on the left, but we'll see how they look in a few weeks. These are the last Alpine kids and the last kids for a while. We have had 34 kids, 15 does and 19 bucks. It wasn't too bad of a year after all! :) Oh, and can't forget....I'm milking 18 right now but within a week or so should be down to 14 which will be a bit more manageable.

Not a whole lot new going on here right now. I'm actually done with Driver's Ed for this week and we have a rather "relaxed" week schedule this week so I'm actually getting some decent school in. :)

I'll be posting pictures tomorrow of our newest construction project here on Asher Acres. It's SO handy! :)

In Christ,


Jenna said...

Wow Bethany...that's quite the science project. I'm glad that I haven't had to do anything like that know me and dissecting:) However, I did look at the pictures, and all the little kids that were by me were just loving it...Anna was one of them!

Could you share pictures of the new trailer? We might finally get one next year...for this year we're going to try to get by with the neighbors since the finances are a bit tight~

See you later:)

Bethany said...

We had many a cow die. But we didn't disect them. We do that to the pigs. Ha Ha!