Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rain and more Rain

Rain, rain. That's all it seems to be doing around here lately. When what we think we need is sun and wind to dry out the earth so we can use our showers and toilets we get rain.....and more rain. Remember me saying a few days ago that I shouldn't say spring is here and we won't get any more snow....I was biting my tongue yesterday. No accumulations thankfully but there was some snowy/icy/rainy mix flying through the sky. It is has not only been rainy but it has been COLD. Really cold. The odd weather has not only driven us about crazy but is throwing our poor animals out of whack. The kids are getting used to it but the older ones all got a bout of the flu. This cuts production and I have to feed kids milk replacer which makes them not grow as well.

It is VERY easy to get frustrated during this time. We want SUN! It is very easy to see what we want at this moment. We do NOT want rain. However, we gotta get past that. We started looking at the positives of the rain. The hay fields are coming in awesome and we should get a great crop! The pastures are growing well. There are several states who are in a drought, even in the upper part of our state they are experiencing a drought. We don't need to worry about that! Plus.....April showers bring May flowers! :)

We were praying that God would stop the rain. I was thinking about it though and I was like "you know, this is really a blessing in disguise. Why should we pray to stop it?" So now we are praying that God's will be done. It's not easy to load up everyone's dirty clothes more than once a week and head off the laundry mat and spend a whole afternoon just doing laundry. It's not easy dealing with sick goats and trying to feed kids and balance orders. It's not easy trying to all take showers while draining the water out with a hose or shop vac. know that big BUT....we know that God is taking care of us and has His reasons for this. We will still love Him and trust Him.

We are thankful however to see sunny and 80* this weekend in the forecast. :)

As for news around here, not too much going on. We did have a freak incident with Goldie (Candie's doe kid) last night. When I was walking past their pen I noticed her laying underneath the hay feeder looking dead. I picked her up and she acted almost paralyzed. She could hardly stand up much less walk. Her neck was REALLY swollen. I have never seen anything like it but she seemed to improve just with us holding her. Within in 15 minutes she could stand pretty well on her own. I am thinking the hay feeder had fallen on her neck and bruised it really bad. No idea why it caused her to have a hard time walking, but after I put some ice on it and by bedtime she was looking pretty good. Abigail and I put her down in our room but she kept trying to jump out so I put her in my bed. She laid right down like she knew this was where she belonged and we both fell asleep. Around midnight I grew tired of trying to lay around her so Abigail took her for a while. Several hours later she put her in the box and I guess she stayed there alright as long as I had my hand over there. She looked pretty good this morning.

Well, I should scoot. We may be making a drive down to IL to hopefully buy a buck kid this morning so I have some stuff to do.

Have a wonderful day!


Jenna said...

Good for you Bethany, to look at the rain as a blessing in disguise:) I understand how it can be hard...

I never got back to you about the Kickapoo bucks, but I think we're going to pass. Thanks for offering though!

Love you~


Joshua said...

You could have used some California weather this week. It has been record highs passing 100 degrees a couple of days this week, but it has cooled off a bit today at around the lower 80s. I will pray that the forecast is sunny coming up towards the weekend for you guys and that it stays true.

In Christ,
Joshua :)