Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's New

So I promised pictures of all the new stuff around here that I have missed in the last while. We are done with kidding, calving, and the only babies left to be be born around here should be ( I might be missing something???) 1 batch of kittens and we still have chicks to get.

I purchased my 4H hogs about a week ago. I still am getting one more. Dad also bought two for the family!!! I LOVE PORK! :)
Pig #1. I haven't named any of them yet. I will probably use this one to show. This is a barrow (castrated male).
Pig #2. This is a gilt (a young female, never been farrowed, or had babies, before). I will use her in case of emergency for fair, possibly at the fair as a pen with the barrow, or farrow her next spring. What do you think? I think it would be pretty cool to farrow a hog. She is pretty nice too.
All the pigs together. My two are in the front, Dad's are in the back. Mine are show hogs, his are not. Can you see the difference?
Our first batch of kittens! There are 4 down in there, 2 orange and whites, 1 gray, and 1 black and white.
Our new livestock trailer!!!! So way nicer than our old one! The floor in it is all new so that is really nice. We may repaint it, haven't decided yet.
Our new 15 passenger van! We bought this in February off of Ebay but I never did put any pictures of it on my blog. Such a fancy new set of wheels, huh? jk!
Okay, this isn't new, this is our old one but it is Dad's new work van. We officially own two 15 passenger vans now..... :)

Have a good weekend!

In Christ,


Josh said...

Hey Bethany,
Wow, your show hogs look really nice and long. They should put on lots of weight for you!
We're going to get our Hogs around the first of May and I can't wait! Really nice trailer too.


Jenna said...

Cute kittens! Oh, your trailer is beautiful!!! We were going to buy one this year, but decided to go with the milker big thing per year:) Hey, I think we were looking at one that was real similar...what kind is yours?


Rachel M. said...

I enjoy seeing pictures of animals. (:

Isn't ebay great? My family enjoy finding great deals on it.

God bless! (: