Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Millie's Trip to the Vet

Today's earthshattering story..... Millie's trip to the vet. :D  Ok, so this was like 4 weeks ago.....but when I went out to the barn on a beautiful, crisp, sunny, Sunday morning I found poor little Millie in pitiful shape.  She was very hypothermic (like 97* and they should be at least 102*) so you know what we do....load 'em up and stick them in the bathtub.  Thankfully she was just a little one and nice and clean.  :D  We got her temp up a some (to around 99*), called the vet, and thankfully he was in so we were able to take her right to the vet office.  We wrapped her up in towels and stuck her in a garbage bag to keep all the heat in. 

Abigail held her on the way to the vet.  Thank goodness it was just a little Jersey heifer calf!

 Soon as we got there he shaved her neck so he could get an IV in.

  I don't remember exactly what he said he put in there, but it was probably sugars and a little medicine.  They gave her 3 in one morning. 

 She stayed at the vet office for 3 days/2 nights.  When we left her, she was in this condition. 
And I don't have any of her since she came home.  She did come home though in excellent shape.  She's doing great now and growing so fast.  They sure don't stay little for long. 

Since we're on the topic of cattle here...I'm going to give you an update on all of our cows for those that are interested.

We have Vi who's bred plus 2 bred heifers all due right around late April/ early May.  There are 5 heifers that were born between early March and now all not bred.  We'll start breeding them around May.  Dad bought a beef heifer to raise for beef and Abigail got her fair steer.  Charlie is pretty wild yet.  :D  Oh, and can't forget Blink.  He's the only living steer from those 3 we bought this spring and he's getting huge.  Both him and Ellie (both born in March) are just as big as our bred heifers.  Sure they are bigger breeds, but they are still huge.  Ellie is such a sweetheart.  I just had to go say hi to her yesterday since we had moved her to a pasture at our place.  I called her and she came running and just wanted a whole bunch of lovin', which I gladly gave her.  She's more like a dog.  The thing was so spoiled rotten this spring.  :P  And last but not least, my fair steer Aiden is coming along beautifully.  He wasn't feeling so good the other day, but seems to getting better now.

 Well, I think that wraps it up.  Have a wonderful day my friends!



Jenna said...

Great update on all of the Bovine at Asher Acres! I'm glad that Millie's all better!

Josh and I were talking about bottle fed calves yesterday (we're going to bottle feed Lucy's calf because we want milk too:) and how spoiled they get...bovine are crazy, fun animals, aren't they?!

The Myers Family said... all are early birds! Hoping your day is great. And Happy Birthday to the birthday girls, have fun celebrating.

The Myers' ~

Eldarwen said...

She is so cute! We bought two bull-calfs and the man that sold 'em to us didn't take care of them (which we figured out after we bought them) and they both had scours. Then, my personal fav, got pneumonia and died two days later. Then, the other bull got pneumonia, but he didn't die because we got him some medicine. Currently we have three cows. Hamburger (the bull-calf. We're going to eat him when he gets big enough), Molly (my cow) and Darcy (my older sister's cow). Molly and Darcy are both heifers and we plan on breeding them with my grandfather's bull. But, Millie is so much cuter than any cow I've seen! I'm so glad she's okay and up on her feet... I mean hooves, again! :)