Saturday, December 12, 2009

Taged & Awarded!

 I've been awarded by Jenna and tagged by Ashley!  Thank you to both you girls! 

Six Names you go By:
Abigail (My sister next in line)
ABethany (our names together)

Three things you are wearing today:
Camo shirt
Long Jons

Three things you want very badly Right now:
My sore throat to go away
To know everything for my extemp speech
to have my paper done for school

Three things you did Last Night/Yesterday:
Baked cookes
went to school
went Christmas caroling

Two things you ate today: (I haven't eaten anything yet this I'll do last night)

Two People you last Talked to on the Phone:

Two Things you are going to do Today/Tomorrow:
Christmas Party (2)
Split wood

Your Three Favorite Beverages:
Sprite/Mountain Dew

Now Tag 8 People
I Tag: Everyone who has blonde hair that reads this!  :D

Thank you for this award Jenna! 

 I will give this award to two people!
These are both two Christian young people's blogs I have more recently begun to follow and very much love!  It's always wonderful and inspiring to find more blogs written by teen Christians.

Oh, and just for a little news update....our homeschool group went Christmas caroling last night!  We stopped by and sang at 10 different homes.  It's always so wonderful to be able to cheer up a family.  :)  Then of course we all came back home and had pizza...I guess this is our 6th year of doing this.  Getting to be a pretty neat tradition!

My God be glorified!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Bethany I so appreciate it!

Adam said...

Ok Thank You for the honor of the

But I have question now what do I do I Put the award on my blog now what this is my first award I don't know what to do???

Signed a Brother in the Lord


Bethany said...

Yep, put the award on your blog and award 2 more people and make sure you notify them by commenting on their blogs.


Adam said...


I get to Award some people.
Thank You for the award again.

Thank You,Thank You,Thank You