Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter Excitement

Hello followers!  Here are just a few pictures that have been taken over the last few days.  I tried posting yesterday but I was too busy all day long.  Anyway, I wanted these photos posted because I need to remember what snow looks like.  :D  It's supposed to rain here today and tomorrow.  :P 

We got several inches of snow at the beginning of this week. Light and fluffy, it was picturesque. 
We went and picked out our Christmas tree.  There was a light snowfall which made it beautiful out!
Of course we found the perfect one!
Sorry it's kinda blurry.  It's a huge tree (we had to trim off some of the top because it couldn't fit under our 9' ceiling).
 This is my big news!  Yesterday I got a guitar!!!!!  I have wanted a guitar for such a long time!  It's an acoustic guitar but it came with an amp, 12 teaching DVDs and a bunch of extra little things (like picks, the case, etc, etc ,etc.  I think it's beautiful! 

Hope all is well with you and your household! 

In Christ,


Jenna said...

I love the first picture of the snow on your road...beautiful!

How exciting that you got a guitar...Josh will be a little jealous, but he'll get over it lol!!

Merry Christmas dear friend:):)

Chuck said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family from all of us at the WearnesInTheWoods.

Chuck, Rebecca, Ariel and Alex

Anonymous said...

Wow, neato guitar Bethany! You look so "Western-y"!!! Lol!!
Merry Christmas,

Rachel M. said...

The first picture, Bethany, is truly beautiful; it just goes to show how amazing our God is!

And what a neat guitar, too! How fun. :D

Merry Christmas!
Love and blessings in Christ,

Regan Family Farm said...

A very Merry CHRISTmas to you and your sweet family. LOVE the real tree :)
Mrs. Regan

Josh said...

Awesome pictures! Like mom said, I love the REAL tree. I miss our real trees ;) Now we settle for a fake!

The guitar is awesome! I'm so happy for you, I know that you've wanted one forever too! Does that mean you got rid of the Cello? What brand of Guitar is it? Maybe next time I come down, you can show it to me!
Merry Christmas