Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Movie on the Loose!

Okay, our first story of the week will be about Miss Movin' On Up.  Movie is the surviving doe kid from Mandie from this spring (check that story out HERE) so she's had a crazy life story so far.  We kinda added to that by letting her into the house one day.  She was the escape artist for a while and loved getting out of her pasture, so needless to say we'd find her occasionally up on our porch.  No problem, she loved laying in the sun with the dogs.  Except for when people get bored.  Then they let the goat in the house.  Now you kinda gotta know Movie to understand the whole story.  She's sweet, hyper and loves to jump on everything, including people (which is a real pain, both literally and figuratively, I mean she is probably getting close to 85/90 pounds now).  Anyway, so some of the (human) kids let her into the house to explore. 

First, Ben was given the chore of walking behind her with a bucket, broom and dustpan. 

She thought that the Kitchen Counters were pretty cool too.  She wasn't too impressed with the mess though (please excuse it!).

I can't tell here is she's laughing at all of her friends out in the barn or if she's begging to get back outside.

She decided to get into some candle making stuff too.  She got into the box of empty jars and before anyone could catch her....she had broken one.

After that, they finally stuck her outside again.  Now, she remains locked up in her pen and hasn't escaped yet.  Hopefully it will remain that way.  :)  She's a sweetheart though!

Needless to say, she wasn't the first half/full grown goat in the house.  There was the one like 2 days after Elizabeth was born (and she was born at home).  Then there was the one I had sleep with me in bed after an injury to her neck.  Oh, and I'm sure Miss Movie won't be the last.  :D



Jenna said...

I love the picture of Ben, his dust pan and broom lol! Great idea:)

Were your Mom and Dad home when that happened?! I don't think that that kind of adventure would go over so well with my Dad...the only time the goats have come in our house so far, is 1) when Twix jumped through the kitchen window and 2) Tennantite's kids slept inside their first night...I woke up to a NASTY mess to clean up lol!

The memories...thanks for sharing:)

Living4Jesus said...

Awww, she's so adorable!! Not to mention drop-dead-gorgeous. I LOVE black animals of all kinds. :D Soo pretty. :)

I agree with Jenna, the dustpan and broom was an awesome idea!! (Although I wonder if your brother thought that it was great. I know mine wouldn't have!)


Anonymous said...

Haha! A goat in the house! How funny! I loved that pic of Ben with the broom and dustpan, hilarious! My Mom would NEVER let anything in the house like that. :D
Thanks again,
Emily(from UE)

The Myers Family said...

I agree with everyone else...Ben's look is priceless!!

Have a good day!

Regan Family Farm said...

Your mom deserves a big hug!