Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter fun!

Yesterday afternoon we all bundled up and headed out to the snow for some fun filled activities.  We hook up the sleds behind the tractor and go down the roads, in fields, in ditches, etc.  It's a blast!  Abigail and I made a sled out of a piece of foam that we use to float down the river or swim with.  It worked perfectly and was awesome because you couldn't steer it.  If it wanted to go down a ditch, it went down! 

 Getting ready for take off!

Going down the road!

Abigail and I with our homemade sled  :)

Abigail and I after a spill down that steep bank.  It was hilarious!

We also got our Christmas tree, but those pictures are still coming!

Have a blessed day!


Jenna said...

I *love* it, and way to be creative with the sled!! I remember a year or two ago when we were spending the night at your house, we all hooked up took turns being pulled behind the tractor:) Good memories:)

~Love you~

Josh said...

I remember all the fun we had when we hooked up sleds to the tractor and took some fast going rides!!! What good memories:)

Take care my friend,

Bri said...

What fun! That's deffinately going to be an unforgetful memory ;)
Have a good day!


Living4Jesus said...

Sounds like fun!! Whenever our roads freeze over (about once ever 7 or 8 yrs. :D) we get out "sledding material" and have some fun. The best sled is a hard-rubber-backed rug. Those are AWESOME!!! Sliding tears the rug up a bit, but the fun is worth the damage. ;D