Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day in Review

So how was everyone's Independence Day weekend? We had an excellent time with the R family and V family. (Josh, Jenna and Brianna all have/will have posts as well).

Here are pictures of just a few highlights.
The American flag and Veterans. Thank you for serving our country!!!!
Everyone lined up. ;) We were walking around down different streets and getting odd looks. Many people in their cars strained their necks just to count everyone. For the record, there were 13 of us, almost all blonds and pretty much all in size order. Oh, and who's idea was it? You didn't guess me did you? :D
Patiently waiting for the parade to begin. We waited for close to an hour. :(
Hmmmm, just a little loud Anna?
We managed to shoot a decent picture with everyone around a rock. Look at all those girls. (10 girls, 3 boys)
An awfully cute picture of Bri and Anna.
Everyone except Natalie and Lydia.
A bunch of us slept up in the barn. 1st night was crazy (as you can see) but I managed to get a few winks in and sleep in until 8:30 the 2nd. :P
Aren't sparklers the best?
Or marshmallows. Brianna just loves them! :)
FIRE! Doesn't it look like a picture on Fireproof?
The oldest 5 of the bunch. l-r Josh, Jenna, Brianna, Me (Bethany) and Abigail
Our attempt at a pyramid. Must not be cut out for Egyptians.

Here on the farm, we have a show this weekend and have 2 hayfields cut and 1 ready to bale this afternoon. Time to get busy again! ;)

In Christ,


Jenna said...

Oh Bethany, I had a blast and I hope you did too:) I should mention though, that I felt sort of like a dufus while we were trapesing around town!! It sure was worth seeing those people craneing their necks ROFLOL!!!

You got some awesome pictures, and I was thrilled to look at those wonderful memories that we made *grin*.

If it's any comfort, Josh is haying with Mr. G right now too...I was weeding the garden...enjoy this lovely day and I hope to see you SOON~

Love you Bethany!

Bethany said...

Note from Abigail(Bethany's sister)-

Yes it was fun to see peoples reactions to our "line of children", but in my very humble opinion, it was rather embarrassing also to say the least. Hey, but at least we have the memories now! And it was kinda funny.!(:


Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

Looks like you had lots of fun!

Bri said...

I had SOOOOO much fun with you guys!
I finally posted my pictures as well.
Hey, great picture of the person with the marshallow; who is that? lol JUST KIDDING!
I also like the one of me and Anna.