Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Linear Appraisal Scores

We had a Linear Appraisal done on our goat herd today, the first time ever! It was very exciting and neat to learn a whole bunch of new goat stuff. :) The appraiser even gave me some good advice on my judging future so that was cool! Anyway, so here are our scores:

Senior Does
Hannah - VEEE 90
Missy - VEEE 88
Mandie - VEVE 90
Maggie - VV++ 85
Alithia - VV+V 86
Gala - VEVV 88
Camillia - ++++ 82
Lulu - VVVA 81
Candie - VVVV 87
Zoe - VVVV 86

Allegro - VEE/ 88
Presto - VEV/ 86
Card - VEV/ 87

Ali - +EcA (+)
Thea' - VEcV (V)
Dixie - +V+ (+)
Goldie - VEcV (V)
Honey - VEcA (V)
Tea' - +EcV (+)
Movie - VVEc (V)
Sunshine - VEcV (V)
Top - VEc+ (V)
Treasure - VV+ (V)
True - A++ (A)
Dante' - A++ (A)

How to read Linear Appraisal scores.

Senior Does/Bucks:
1st letter - General Appearance
2nd letter - Dairy Character
3rd letter - Body
4th - Mammary

Kids (dry stock)
1st letter - General Appearance
2nd letter - Dairy Character
3rd letter - Body Capacity
4th letter (in parenthesis) - Overall rating

Score Ratings
Excellent (E) (in dry stock, Extremely Correct (Ec) = 90 and above
Very Good (V) = 85-89
Good Plus (+) = 80-84
Acceptable (A) = 70-79
Fair (F) = 60-69
Poor (P) = 59 and below

Hope that all makes sense! It's a lot to look at and figure out but it's not too bad once you get the hang of it. I was pretty happy with most of our scores (except for a few of the kids, but they change so much it's hard to determine a really good score). Lulu's mammary is a sad case in the rear attachment so that's what killed her.

We didn't get any of our hay up, it just WON'T dry! Should be able to get it all in tomorrow as it SHOULD be dry by then! ;) Oh, and on top of all that I am also attempting to get ready for a show. Yikes!

Talk to you all later!


Jenna said...

Bethany, that's awesome!!! Dad's not thrilled about a buck or showing, so we'll probably do LA so that we know what we're working with and what we need to improve on KWIM?...

I can't wait to look at your scores even more tomorrow...for now, I need to get to bed. I just got back in from chasing a cow who got out and was in the middle of the road (dumbo!).

Goodnight! Love you!

Josh said...

Very nice! I'm glad to see the does did quite well, especially Hannah and Mandie!

Looks great. Jenna and I are hoping that Dad lets us do LA on our herd...