Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update #4

I have excellent news.....Rachel came home this afternoon! She is a bit weak yet but is outside right now taking a little walk and checking up on her babies...Buster and Angel. We are making sure she doesn't overdo herself but yet getting her outside for fresh air. Let me tell ya, that clean country air does a world of difference when you are down. :)

Thank you everyone for your prayers. They have been much appreciated!



Joshua Hoppman said...


Jenna said...

YEAH!! Rachel, enjoy the fresh COUNTRY air, and get strong so you can play with Buster and ride Angel!!!

Hope to see you soon!

Joshua said...

Praise God Bethany! I am glad that Rachel is doing well and that your family is doing alright. Praise the matchless name of Christ.

In Him Alone,
Joshua :)

Josh said...

That's Wonderful! I'm so glad! Thank the Lord.