Saturday, July 25, 2009

Update #3

Well, we got to go visit Rachel today. This was the first time that the whole family has been up there and it was such a blessing to see her up and around. She got tired out pretty quick but she just had an open heart surgery too. ;)

We went up the "family room" and were able to eat a little snack. BTW, the chairs and tables are way cool.
Rachel only was up for a little bit and then we ordered her back to bed. She should be home Monday and we don't want her to overdo herself and have to wait 'till Tuesday. Elizabeth crawled in bed with her and watched part of a movie with her.
While Rachel was resting we went back up the "family room" and made cards for her. This is Ben's. :)
After making cards we went to their really cool playground outside on top of the 8 story hospital building. Elizabeth really enjoyed this one.
Anyone want to know why I love living in the country? 'Cause this is a city view. Let's see.... I think I can MAYBE see a few trees way in the back.
Grandpa and Grandma S came up to visit as well! Here's just a nice little family pic.

Thank you so much for your prayers! They have been greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to Monday and having our whole family back together. Abigail and Ben are staying at the hospital tonight and Elizabeth and Rebekah are going up tomorrow. I stay home and take care of chores. :)

God bless!


Kevin Wegner said...

I'm glad everything is going well! I have been praying! :D

Jenna said...

How nice that you were able to go and see Rachel:) I'm glad that she is doing well, and I'll keep praying!

Love you girl!

p.s. I like the picture of Ben with his cute!

Rachel M. said...

That is good that everything is going well. :) God bless each one of you!

Love in Him,
Rachel M.

Josh said...

Glad that Rachel is doing well, and I'm sure she was glad to see you all! I've been thinking about you guys all week.

In Christ,