Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunny Days

 Wow, two posts in one day!  What a beautiful day it was!  After several rainy, cold days (which are quite typical in our state in late October) we were blessed with some gorgeous sunny weather today!  There were still some leaves on the trees and the sun glowed off them making whole towns appear dazzling.  I was finally able to get a few pictures I've been wanting to get....all of us children with all of our dairy cows.  All of them are actually dry heifers except for Violet who is about ready to dry up as well.  We're still squeezing the milk out of her though 'cause we need it bad, especially with three new heifer calves! 

 Vi and I

Abigail w/ Emma, Rachel w/ Fawn, Rebekah w/ Ellie

From left-right: Bethany w/ Violet, Abigail w/ Emma, Rachel w/ Fawn, Rebekah w/ Ellie, Josh w/ Lily, Elizabeth w/ Adah, Johnny w/ Myah and Ben w/ Millie

A praise, all of the sickies are up and around!  Wooohooo!  Hopefully no one else will come down with it and we'll be good for the year.  Yeah....uh huh.  We'll see, but I really highly doubt it.  Not with 4 (plus me) kids in public school where germs are everywhere!  Plenty of vit. C for everyone around here! :) 
 Well, hope all is going well for everyone.
 God bless,


Marci said...

That last picture is adorable!!!

Jenna said...

Your pictures turned out great, Bethany!! I love them!
Your dairy herd is really growing...sometimes I just wish that we had more land, but we're better here than we were in Grandville lol!

Love you!

The Myers Family said...

What are a great and critters!! We so enjoy seeing the updates of your family. Keep well.

The Myers' Clan

Timothy said...

I love the last picture! It's really cute. I hope that everyone feels better soon.

Taylor said...

I enjoyed looking at your blog! These pictures are so pretty with the fall colors and the sun shining through the trees. And your cows are so cute! :)

God bless,