Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey all!
Another weekend has come and gone, quickly.  Saturday we cleaned the barn, I trimmed some goat hooves and some of us went to a fall party at a friends house.  Sunday: Daylight Saving Time Ends!  We got an extra hour of sleep and were planning to go to church if everyone was healthy.  As the house awakened, they all appeared to be bouncing off the walls (aka, healthy) but when we went out to the barn and found a very sick little Millie, it didn't look like church was going to be in our plans for the day.  Poor little girl was quite hypothermic with a temp. of 98 degrees.  Normal temp for cattle is 101.5  We brought her into the house, put her in the bathtub and warmed her up some.  She perked up a bit but still it wasn't going to save her.  We called the vet and we all agreed that she was probably quite dehydrated since she'd had scours for a few days.  I had been treating it but it wasn't going away.  The vet was in at his clinic so we brought her in, they hooked her up to IVs and were giving her some antibiotics.  (BTW, they called later in the afternoon and said she was up and around and doing pretty well.  Awesome!)  After taking her to the vet, mom and I went up to bring a goat to our good friends and visit her mom who is the hospital.  Grandma had a hip replacement surgery and is now in a nursing home getting therapy and recovery.  She is 81, so it's a little tough going through all that at that age.  She's still quite confused after 2 weeks but I think she's headed in the right direction.  It was a beautiful day for a drive and I got lots of driving time in.  I love driving!  Anyway, that's what our weekend turned out to be with very little planning.  Oh, and I think everyone is healthy again!  Only Mom, Abigail, Johnny and I have escaped it.  I had the cold, but it really had nothing to do with the flu that everyone else had.  Now hopefully schools will be up and running again and everything will go back to normal.  Right?  In my dreams.  :D :P

Well, I should scoot.  Thought I'd update everyone on the status of our farm. 



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about your goat! :( It made me so sad reading that part of the post. I am glad to hear that everyone is healthy again! :) I love going for drives too.


Jenna said...

Hi Bethany!
It was great seeing you for a few minutes yesterday, and thanks for bringing Vantage back:) Glad you got some drive time in - both Josh and I love driving too! I suppose it'll wear off someday though.

Glad that Millie is doing better. I am so thankful for I.V.'s lol! It has saved many an animal (and human).

It was great talking to you this morning! Love you and talk to you tomorrow - I'm aiming for 5 ;)


p.s. Hope your Grandma gets better soon - praying for her recovery~

The Myers Family said...

Yeah for healthy families and critters too. After all the scare from H1N1 leaves this area...hopefully it will be gone for the rest of the season. Be blessed my friend, and have a great day!

The Myers'

Josh said...

How's the calf? It was fun to see you when you came up yesterday!
I know what you mean about driving, mom and I just picked up my permit at the secretary of state today=)

God Bless,

Stephanie said...

Hi Bethany, thanks for the comment about Grandma. I never hear anything, even though I call my mom often enough. I'm really glad I got to see them when Lucien and I were home in September. They stopped in Holland to say hi.
Miss you guys, hope you're all doing well, I think of you all often!