Sunday, November 29, 2009

AA Update

So, it's been awhile since I last update you on what was going on around here at Asher Acres.  Pretty much, it's been busy. :D  We've been working on a dog kennel which I'll be showing pictures of once it's completed (I have pictures of start to finish) and that's been keeping Dad and Abigail quite busy.  We've had awesome weather around here with our first snow on Friday the 27th.  It was warm and sunny yesterday again though and everyone just loves being outside at the end of November.  Last winter was LONG and no one was really looking forward to being stuck up in the house again.  I think we are all finally settling down now though and are now entertaining positive thoughts about that white fluffy stuff. 

Abigail lost her camera for a while and no one really took any pictures but I just downloaded like 300+ so I'm just going to put some pictures up here from the last while.  Then over this week I'll kinda go through a few stories that have pictures attached that happened a little while ago.  For example....playing in the leaves, Millie's trip to the vet, Black Friday, etc.  :)

Here are just a few random photos!  Don't you just love those?  :D

 Abigail on Daisy and Rachel on Hoss out for a ride.
 Our Livestock Judging team in the newspaper.

God's blessings!


Jenna said...

I love how Abigail is on the pony, and Rachel on the horse!! Very cute picture!

Hey, I didn't know that you made it in the paper?! Way to go, Bethany. I look forward to all the other ...300 pictures lol! That's about how many is on my mom's camera when I download takes forever:)

Love you~

Emily said...

Im so glad that Hoss has turned into a nice boy for you guys!!!