Monday, March 22, 2010

Milking test and Gatlin!

Milking test results are in!  I did the testing yesterday, feels good to have an idea as to what we are looking at from the girls.  I was pretty happy with the yearlings, especially Dixie.  Honey wasn't filling up like she usually does, so that may not be very accurate on hers.  Missy kidded with a single kid, so I'm actually quite happy that she's starting to up her production.  Sure, 8 pounds isn't the greatest, but she started the year out with giving next to nothing.  I'm very happy with Candie, Alithia and Gala.  Alithia gave a whole pound less in the evening milking, so I don't know what was up with that.  Hannah was just moved from her normal pen into a pen with some younger does so she's still adjusting, hense the low milk production.  Usually she's over 10 pounds.  Nibbles, well let's just say I weighed her milk because I could. :D  She was only 2 days fresh. :P

Milking Test
Name          Total Weight          Days Milking          # of
 Tea'              6.1#                              32                                  1       
Honey         5.8#                              35                                 1    
Dixie           7.3#                               31                                 1    

Missy         8.2#                               18                                 4    
Candie     13.7#                               23                                 2    
Alithia      11.4#                              27                                 2    
Gala       12.7#                               27                                 2   
Hannah        7.6#                               27                                 5        
Nibbles       5.4#                               2                                 7     

And for our most recent additions.....Gatlin kidded yesterday with twins, a buck and doe.   The buck came out well but I had to reposition the doe and pull her.  They are doing great though!

So how was everyone's weekends? Would love to hear from you!



The Myers Family said...

Yesterday we went over to some friends house...we had the most awesome time with great food and fellowship. Makes us blessed to call them friends!!! :)

Have a great day B! ~

Jenna said...

Thanks for sharing the results of the milk test:) I should do that too, and find out who I will enter at GLOM for the milk test! Most likely Tenn.

We had a good weekend, though nothing grand. Just pickin' up feed from the Mill and cleaning the place up. Seems like we're always doing that:)

Love you lots!!!!

D. A. said...


What a wonderful page you have here. I was glad to read you are a Christian and seeking to follow our Lord Jesus Christ.

I raise Boer goats, but I am looking for some milk goats to purchase in the near future. Nubians are what I would like, perhaps starting with one or two doelings. Does your family sell kids? Our kidding is over for now. We had a small batch this spring, three doelings and one buckling. August will bring many more.