Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nice weather...and Lulu :)

I'm finally getting this up....Lulu kidded yesterday morning with twin bucks!  I don't have any pics of them....I'm sorry.  Maybe eventually I'll get some up, but we'll see.  Anyway, I'm not going to put up a pedigree for them....they are just going to be wethered anyway. 

But on to other things.....not much else is new around here.  We've had some lovely weather the last few days which is welcome after all the snow storms we had over the later part of last week.  Yesterday's high was somewhere around 40-45!!!  So beautiful!  We were all outside in sweatshirts and had all the barns opened up.  It was awesome!  Today wasn't quite as warm, but at least the sun was shining!  We took a walk but we didn't stay out too long, the wind was blowing and it was still pretty chilly out. 

Hope you all are staying warm! 


P.S. Welcome back home to Michigan my dear M friends!

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The Myers Family said...

Hey you all...I missed seeing the updates while we were away. My phone tried to pick up the posts...but never really materialized.
So...you will laugh, we no more than got home and the bug went out to do chores and one of the steers jumped out of the pen. Mikey was super excited that we were home and was hungry, cause he is a creature of habit. Well, he started running, the steers had bumped one of the gates and knocked it down more and they jumped over the edge by the waterer and into the other side. Luckily they were still within fencing. But, they had never made contact with that kind of electric fence before we didn't want them to walk through. But, we did get them quickly containted.
Probably didn't have any of that fun did you?? :)
Well we can't thank you all enough for your effort on our behalf, we brought you all a few things. We will bring them over soon.
It is good to be home!!! Wish it was warmer though.

The Myers'~