Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nibbles and Maggie!

I'm sure you are all wondering when our next kids were coming. JK!  Actually, our next three does were due the 10th and 11th.  We waited, waited, and waited some more.  Finally, yesterday Nibbles kidded with twins, a doe and a buck!  Yeah, that was like 8 days late. :P  Today Maggie kidded with another set of twins....a doe and a buck!  I'm so excited about both of these (they are both mine :D) and I've been waiting 2 years for both does.  Last year they both had twin bucks.  Maggie's kids are both a lovely dark chamoisee.  I haven't had one of those in a LONG time!  Maggie was a grand total of 10 days late.  Whew!  That's a record I think.  They were monster kids too, but she had them all by herself. 

Gatlin was also due the 10th, so we're just waiting on her.  Now that we have some fresh hormones in the air it looks like it won't be long.  She's dropping her milk and is starting do all those funny things goats do when they are in labor. :D  Hopefully she'll go tonight or tomorrow.  Then it looks like we get another little break until Goldie and Thea' go.  Anyway, I'm kinda rambling on.  I'm sure you all want to see a pic of the newest babies. 

Sorry it's not the greatest quality.  The pictures don't do justice do their coloring.  The two on the right are Maggie's and the two on the left are Nibbles.  The white one is the buck and the light chamoisee is the doe.  Obviously the one standing is the doe and the one behind her, the buck.
Oh, and for all all those southerners who are enjoying beautiful warm weather, it's finally cold again here, unfortunately after we were spoiled with several days of lovely weather in the 60's.  :P

Well, that's all the news around here. 


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Jenna said...

Hi Bethany!!
A few things...

1. It was *great* talking to you this morning:) Once again, I want to express my thankfulness for the friendship that we share!

2. Congrats on the 2 doe kids!!! I hope that they turn out well for you, and I look forward to seeing them in the ring...oh wait...I've got one in the same class. Sounds like competition:) Actually, no matter who wins, I *love* showing with you and can't wait to see you at the shows this Spring/Summer hehe:) What fun adventures, huh?

So sorry, I'm just rambling you so much girl!