Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is Springing!

Hey folks! :D

Has anyone else been having beautiful weather like we have? Today the temps reached into the upper 50s....woohooo!  Haven't felt those temps in a long time.  I shooed all the animals outside for a while and they enjoyed some fresh air.  Hopefully this weather will stay around a while, but I'm hearing that by this weekend it's supposed to cool down, as in possibly some snow. :P  Oh well, we do live in Michigan.

I got some pictures and a video of the kids playing outside.  They are so cute!  Our oldest one is now over a month old...can you believe it!  Our youngest just left yesterday, so he's enjoying a new environment (we brought him to a local farm store where they sell them). 

Okay, you all ready for this one?  I got a new doe kid!!!!  You may remember Top, the doe kid that I bought last spring.  Last fall, she would not get bred, so I got a new doe kid in replacement.  She's a lovely little thing, quite correct and really really wide throughout.  I'm really looking forward to using her in our breeding program!  She's got some awesome lines in her,including Autumn Acres and Kastdemurs, so I'm really excited about her!  I'm thinking about naming her Jamirah.  Her mother's name is Jambalaya and her grandam's name is Jamboree.  What do you all think? :D
Enjoy your evening!


Alrighty, I should get scooting! Enjoy your evening!


Jenna said...

Isn't it awesome outside?!? We were out there for a LONG time - just weeding, working in the hog pen, playing etc.!

I love your new doe kid (it was fun to see her on Sunday!!) and hope that she does better for you, than Top did:)

This year we are going to get our goats outside...I sure hope that it doesn't snow, so that we can keep working out there!

Love you LOTS!!!
<3 Jenna

Joshua said...

It has been in the 80s here. We usually never get winter weather here. The coldest temps Socal has ever reached when I have been alive has been about in the upper 30s. That is pushing it though. Usually, our winter weather is in the 60s-70s. However, it does get cold at night. Then, the temps usually hover around the low 50s, upper 40s. Well, glad that weather is getting better over there and I pray that the snow passes through your part of Michigan. Have a great day Bethany. :)

Your bro in the Lord,
Joshua :)

Jenna said...


I am so excited that Spring is finally on it's way! What a beautiful season! :)
Your new doe kid is so cute! I like the name you were thinking about.
I hope you are having a blessed Wednesday!

Your Sister In Christ,

Kelsey Anne Hoppman said...

I like your header Bethany!
We've been having some nice days here in NM as well. It's starting to feel like spring and I love it! :)
God Bless,