Monday, March 8, 2010

Missy & ACT/MME

Okay, so Missy kidded.  Yeah, that wasn't very enthusiastic was it? :D  Well, you gotta hear this story.  Okay, so Missy usually is huge during pregnancy and normally has nice big healthy twins.  She was nice and big this year as well, so I just figured it would be a repeat of the previous years.  Yesterday morning I noticed her starting to let down her milk, but there wasn't a ton so I just figured she wouldn't go until Monday or Tuesday or so.  ;P  I went out yesterday afternoon and noticed that she was pretty much going into labor (all the crazy stuff, except she was really crazy....she was madder 'n a hornet at the goats in the pen right next to her for doing absolutely nothing.  It really was pretty funny. :D  Okay, so anyway, she wasn't going all evening so we watched a movie....'till about 10:00.  Still hasn't gone, but I can tell she's really in a good labor.  So....Abigail and I had a "couch night" which consists of sleeping on couches in the living room since couches are easier than your bed to get out of in the middle of the night.  I checked her pretty regular every hour or so for a while, then slept in a little once and went out at 1:15 to find a lovely buck kid.  Okay.....but what's that hanging out of Missy (who by the way looks like she could still easily have one or even two more kids in her)?  Yeah, her afterbirth.  I'm like "you have got to be kidding me" (no pun intended).  Ummmm, yes that was it.  A single buck kid and a fat ol' goat.  The first words I said to my mom when I came in (she was up taking care of our mischievous little puppy) were "Missy is going on a diet and I'm going to make her work out."  lol  So anyway....that's that.  Oh, and one of the more exciting breedings for me (I was really looking forward to a doe out of this cross) is now crushed.  Well, that's a somewhat dramatic word, but anyway. 

So guess what's up this week.  #1.  ACT test!!!!  Yikes!!!  Not looking forward to it!!!  You get the idea?  #2.  MME test (some state test)!!!  Not so scary!!!  Still intense!!!  Two days of testing!!!  Another thing that I'm not exactly excited for!!!  Okay, and #3. FFA state convention!!!  This I AM excited about.  I'm receiving my Proficiency and Outstanding Junior Award on stage.  So, hopefully that will be fun amidst all the testing this week.

Oh, and I'm working up a series that I want to go through here on my blog.  It's about real women. :)  Still working on it though.  Not sure how I want to lay it out.  Pray for me!

A sis in Christ,


Jenna said...

My DEAREST, BESTEST, long lost friend (it feels like it since we haven't chatted in a while due to busyness!)...I'm *thrilled* to see a post from you!!!

Ah lets see...I understand your disappointment about Missy and that single kid, especially a buck (and her making you have a couch night!). Tenn was huge too and all she had was a single - I was disappointed to say the least, but thankfully it is a doe:)

I'm praying for you and your tests. It'll feel good to have that OUT of 'da way!!

And I'm looking forward to your upcoming've got me curious!

Love you dear friend! I'll have to call ya soon and just talk:)

Josh said...

Hey Bethany,
I know your disappointment. Shenanigans aborted and I was REALLY hoping for a doe kid out of her. Thankfully, she aborted and it was a buck and not a doe, other wise I would have been "crushed"!

Hmmm... REAL women? It will be fun to hear your thoughts on that subject =)

Sorry about the rough few days, but how exciting that you will recieve an award. And ON STAGE too!! Yay!

Hope to see you soon,