Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Back to blogging!

Hey folks!
Bethany is back to blogging! Our Internet was down for a grand total of 4 days so I was unable to update. Sorry about that! We are back up now, so be prepared! Actually, not much has been going on lately. We had a sledding party, but I didn't get any pictures. Today we are going to a local nursing home with our homeschool group to sing for the residents. We go every second Tuesday of the month, but typically don't sing. Usually we go room to room and visit with them. I tell ya, you can hear some pretty interesting stories while talking with them. We went on Memorial Day last month. There was one elderly man who was telling us about the plane he flew during WWll. I love the stories, just wish some of them would be more open about it! I am so glad for the opportunity to be able to minister to these wonderful people!

I am finished with my winter session of Agriculture class. I am sad to see it gone by so fast, but thankfully we will continue to meet to go over speeches and such. The spring session starts up in January(very springy out..right?) Hey, that is when the farmers begin thinking about spring however so I suppose we are supposed to start thinking the same way! Our first kids are probably due around the end of January and I suppose I think of that as spring. Ummm, does that classify me as a farmer? WOOOHOOO! :)

Well, I will continue to update as long as the Internet stays up and going. No more viruses, okay?

Until later,

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