Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas time Adventures.....

playing a game
Ben playing with horses
Mom and her mom
First time on roller skates!
Myah bein' goofy

I have said many times how a normal activity can turn into an adventure with the Schreur family. On the 26th and 27th of December we were planning on going up to the Grand Rapids area to stay at a hotel since our family Christmas parties were two days in a row. Sounds fun, exciting and kinda adventurous with 12 people, right? Well, on Christmas eve, we had 4 people down with the flu and on Christmas, still had 2 down. The 26th comes around and Dad and Abigail are still down so obviously the hotel is out. Mom decided to take everyone who wanted to come to the Oosterhouse party which panned out to everyone except Dad and Abigail. We finally got everyone showered, dressed, food made and packed, pillows and blankets for the ride home, everything else we were going to need and 10 people, packed into our 15 passenger van and left at 3:00, only a half hour later than we were hoping to leave by. Our road was covered with ice from the sleet storm we had received that morning but the highways and main roads were fine. We got to the party at 4:30. Everything went well, everyone had fun. We left the party at 9:40. Everyone calmed down and fell asleep pretty quick, but the driving was horrible. There was fog so horribly thick all you could hope for was that you could see the lines on the road. When we were almost home, it was so bad that there were times that those lines were gone. Our road was pretty bad because of all the ice still on it and the fog, but we made it. The driveway however was horrible. It was one of sheet of ice, and for those who don't know what our driveway is, it is up a hill, so we barely made it up halfway before stopping. even in park we were slidding backwards! We finally came to a stop and at 11:30 at night we woke everyone up in the van and made them all walk up to the house. The ice was so slippery you had to walk in the snow beside the driveway which made your feet all wet. Everyone made it to the house with only minor falls and dropped in bed. At least we made it home.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Jenna said...

Sounds like a fun adventure...if it wasn't so late at night!!
My goodness has Myah has grown! WOW:)Glad you had a nice time~

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!