Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Rachel!

Today is Rachel's birthday. I can still remember when we went to Ukraine to pick up two new siblings. We were planning on getting one girl and one boy. We went to the orphanage where Rebekah was(we had seen a picture of her at a place that told us which orphanage to go to) but when we got there and had seen Rebekah, our translator asked us if we wanted to ask the orphanage directors if their were any boys available at the same orphanage or we would be in Ukraine much longer since we would have to be at each orphanage about 10 days. So, we gave him the go ahead and they said they did have one. The sent him out and he came out singing the Ukrainian National Anthem. My mom and dad were like "ummmm, we don't want to say no, but this one could be a real handful). Thankfully their problem was solved when they found out he was not available since he was being moved in just a few days. So we asked if they had any more girls. They said they one....Olga. She was 4 years old, the whitest, scardest(are those words) thing I ever have seen. That was the beginning of our life with her, and thank goodness it wasn't the end. Happy birthday to my little sister!Rachel at 5 years old.
Rachel at 11 years old.
Rachel at 12 years old.
Rachel on 11/28/08 with her horse Angel.

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Jenna said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!
You are growing up so fast:) Have a great day~

The Regan's