Saturday, December 13, 2008


All of the cookie bakers with a few of the cookies.
Some of the cookies destined to go to those we caroled to.
Mom, Abigail and a friend making up plates of cookies.
Bethany(yeah, that is me) attempting to dip cream cheese finger cookies into powdered sugar.
Abigail showing off her melted chocolate for dipping.

Everyone got together yesterday to bake cookies for Christmas caroling. We made I don't know how many dozen cookies and lots of chocolate dipped goodies. I tried to eat very few, but they were VERY tempting. Ummmmm, confession, I ate 1 this morning at 5:00. :) We made it to about 12 different homes caroling and everyone came back to our house to have homemade pizza. Oh, and FYI, there were 47 people all together! :)

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