Friday, December 12, 2008

My bedroom

My bed, picture, books, window and nightstand. What do you think of the colors?
My built in dresser. A wonderful, wonderful thing! Ben and I share this and each get a half.

My picture on the wall, books and my border. Please excuse Ben's feet. He loves to roll on my bed and didn't get his feet out of the way in time. Plus, they are kinda cute. :)
My cello, overall showmanship award and guns. One is a BB gun(got it when I was 4 or 5) and the other is my 20 gauge. Oh, and that board behind my cello is one of my 4H projects on crops. I just can't get myself to tear it down. I did a ton of work on it and got Best of Class and Best of Show.

Welcome folks, to my newly redone bedroom! Okay, it has been a few months, but here are the pictures. It had been a light yellow color, but this is MUCH more my style. I did find a lamp that I want, but it is about $60 and that is not happening! It is deer antlers as the base and a deer decorated shade. Pretty neat, but like I said...way too much $$$!

Everyone have a wonderful day!

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