Thursday, December 4, 2008

Post birthday pics

Rachel had her birthday party last night and Elizabeth had her's the night before. I am putting all of the pictures together here in one post. Our family loves to take pictures of the people blowing out their candles on their cakes, so excuse the funny, goofy pics! Our family has to always be doing something out of the ordinary to keep everyone hopping!
Abigail and I had civil war era dresses made for their birthdays. They loved them, especially after we told them we were getting hoops for them!
Rachel blowing out her candles. She had a German Chocolate Cake.Elizabeth blowing out her candles. She had a white box cake....decorated as a cow!
Rachel opening presents. She got a beach towel, books and slippers, plus her dress.
Elizabeth showing how old she is now!

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Jenna said...

The dressed look beautiful:)