Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Tree Story

For years we haven't had one, but this year we all bundled up to head out against the cold to go cut a Christmas tree! We drove about 15 minutes to a farm and found no one there! We searched high and low for the owners and finally found a phone number. We called it and they said they would be home in just a few minutes. We waited around until they showed up and then all of us ran down to the trees. They farm was small and hadn't had much business this year, so there was lots to choose from. We found a beautiful tree(around 9 feet tall)right away. We had to check out other to make sure we were getting the right one, but Dad kept saying "we always get the one we choose first and walk around forever, for nothing". Sure enough, the first one was the one we cut down and drug up to the van. It took all Dad, Abigail and I could do to get it up on top of the van but we got her up and tied down. Then we all piled back into the van for the ride home. When we got it home, Dad worked on getting it in the house while we got supper together. Then we realized that we had no lights, so Dad and Abigail went to Coldwater to pick some up. While they were gone, the tree fell. Mom held the tree while I fastened her back into place. Thankfully that held her.
When they got home we started stringing popcorn while they put up the 4 boxes of lights.

As soon as all of the ornaments were on, the tree started falling. Abigail was standing next to it and I was standing next to here. She grabbed the tree and I grabbed her. Thankfully only one ornament fell and broke and the tree was fine.
We got her all fixed with a little weight in the back so she is all fine now. I guess that is what happens when the Schreurs try to put up a Christmas tree! Exciting as can be, right?

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Anonymous said...

interesting. we don't have a real tree.