Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 18.....A time When I felt Passionate and Alive.

It was my first livestock judging contest.  I was scared stiff.  I felt so unprepared, so......scared!  For those of you who don't have a clue about judging, at the state contest we had to judge 6 classes, 2 classes of sheep, 2 classes of hogs, and 2 classes of beef.  Each class is 4 animals.  Then we had to answer a set of questions.  After the questions we had to give 3 sets of of each specie.  Reasons are an oral reasoning about why you placed the class the way you did.   At my first state contest, I only had 5 weeks of practice under my belt. I was, 15 years old and on a team with other kids who had a few years of knowledge as well as kids who have shown livestock for years. I got to the contest and headed straight for the bathroom.  I didn't puke.... :)  I prayed.  And with that prayer I felt a peace that I would do fine.  I went out into that arena and started judging and I was so excited and felt so alive!  It was the most amazing experience.  I went and gave my reasons with a passion.  My team....won the state title.  I'm not saying I was perfect.  Not anywhere near that.  But I had found such peace once I had given all of my talent over to God.  He could make it so much better.

Ever since then, at each and every contest that I have been in (and I have been in quite a few in FFA) I have prayed before I begin.  I owe each and every victory to my dear Lord Jesus.

I hope this story fits under this title. :)  I'm not sure it does....but I know that with Jesus on my side I could shine and be much more alive and passionate than I ever could have been by myself.


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