Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 6 - A Moment I Wish I Could Relive

There are many moments in my life that sometimes I wish I could go back to.  Like when it was just me and Abigail running around the house, giggling about little girl things, just 5 and 6 years old.  Or maybe those times that dear friends of mine would sit together and chat long hours of the night away in the haymow.  Oh wait, how about that time that several of us kiddos slid down a homemade slip and slide right into a manure pile in over 100* weather.  Or going to Ukraine to adopt two little girls?  Or the days where our family was just about ready to move into our house and it wasn't quite finished so we slept out in a camper and did dishes in icy cold water.  All of those memories that I have in the back of my mind. 

Here is a special fun memory however from a long day in my life.  AKA, the day my brother was born.  I was honored to be woken up at 4:30 in the morning on May 21st.  It was so neat to be able to watch the birth, but there was a rather big problem.  Ok, he was like 4-5 weeks early and born at home.  So, when he was born my mom started saying over and over "he's not breathing, he's not breathing".  Mind you, he was screaming at the top of his lungs.  :D  However, they did end up putting him on oxygen that the midwives had and they kicked us out of the room.  They sent me out to milk the goats since mom didn't have much milk and when I came in most of the kids were already awake and eating breakfast.  I don't consider myself having a weak stomach, but I just could NOT get myself to eat. :)  Our neighbors called having already heard about his birth and knew that he may have to go to the hospital.  Mom's bedroom was still off limits and then the midwife and Dad came walking out of the room with Ben wrapped in a garbage bag.  So Abigail and I gathered all the kiddos up and brought them up to the neighbors where we all headed off to a dog show like 2 hours away ( I have no clue where ).  It started raining and there were tornado watches out all day.  We got home at like 4:00 and no one was home and so we made supper and did chores.  Dad got home and said that Ben was in the Hospital and mom was with him and they had gotten him to the hospital during the tornado watches and was brought to the ground floor and so I guess it was just all crazy.  The day was what I call a zoikia but a good memory.  Oh wait....this was supposed to be something I wish I could relive.  Oh well....:D 

The best part was hearing the words...."It's a boy". :D  YAY!!!!  lol



Jenna said...

Memories are such a special thing to look back on and remember:) Sitting and talking in the barn with ya'll is high on my list...I am so thankful for those times ~ and hopefully many, many more!!

I have never heard all of Ben's story and it sounded like quite the day. The only part that I was aware of was all of us knitting/crocheting in the lobby and eating @ Pizza Hut...:)

Enjoyed reading this!
Love you and have a wonderful and restful day.

Emily said...

Lol...I remember that day! It was crazy!!!! I'm glad that everything ended up being okay, and even though it was a crazy day, we all will have memories and everything ended up being okay!