Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 27.....A Physical Feature I Love

This is really a vague question and I shall do my best to answer it though I may take several different routes to do so.

1) A Physical Feature I love about myself:
Well, I don't "love" any particular feature about myself.  Though I am very thankful for many of them. :)  I am thankful especially for my eyes and my hands.  My eyes see things, my hands go and do them.  I can see a child needing help and I can go and help them.  People also tell me that my eyes are one of my best features.  And my hands?  Well....I just am continually amazed at how each little bone must work together.  Have you every watched your hands while you are typing?  So fast and so perfect.  God sure knew what He was doing!

2) A Physical Feature I love about girls:
Hair.  I know, really weird, right?  I love seeing girls with long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair.  I love seeing all the different styles in which they do their hair.  Yeah, now you all are going to be self conscious or looking around at girls hair styles. 

3) A Physical Feature I love about guys:
Guess what, I notice guys!  haha, yeah I know, amazing isn't it?  And that feature I like?  Arms.  Don't laugh.  Yeah I know you are already laughing.  But yes...that is what I usually notice first.  You know all the romance novels and even most girls notice eyes.  Blue as the sky or deep brown like chocolate.  Nope, forget that.  Maybe it's because it shows strength.  I have no clue.  Anyway...

I have just released some of the biggest Bethany secrets of all times.





Jenna said...

Yup...You're right, I am laughing:)

Love you!

Marissa said...

I know I just commented on the last post... but I read this afterwards and had to comment again. This totally made me laugh cause I completely relate to all of them! haha hair truly is interesting to look at. That's one of the first things I notice about girls. Hands are amazing... they can do so many things! And I was laughing about the arm thing only because that's what I usually notice first. I've never heard of another girl that does though. hahahaha