Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day #4....Favorite TV show

Okay, so we don't have Television at our house, but I do have some old TV shows that are favorites of mine!  My all time favorite though is:

Schultz - "I see nothing.....!!!!!!!!!!!"

Klink - "No prisoner escapes from Stalag 13!"

Schultz,"into the cooler they go. Throw away the key. "
Carter: "Don't we get a trial or anything?"
Colonel Klink: "This is Germany. Although I do appreciate your sense of humor."

 You've got to watch this if you haven't!  It's absolutely hilarious!


Smithies said...

I LOVE Hogans Heroes!!!! I think Newkirk is my favorite character...I like his accent. But they are all great- and it's an awesome about the "little mouse with his apple strudel?"

The Myers Family said...

You know we have all the seasons of this...we all love them. I totally disliked them as a kid. We saw them on our small screen black/white fuzzy t.v. My brothers thought they were the funniest ever...but when you weren't seeing the best picture and sound was marginal at best...humor wasn't there.

Have a good day B.