Friday, January 30, 2009

Bakin' Doughnuts

On Wednesday, our homeschool group came to our home for lunch and fellowship. We have this once a month, going to different homes each time. The girls decided to make doughnuts, I made a triple chocolate cake and we all made haystacks together. I ground the beef - all 9 pounds! We have been eating haystacks since then. :) Thankfully, I think they are gone now! I have several pictures of the doughnut making process. By the way, the doughnuts turned out really well. I love 'em when they are really hot yet, just out of the oil and rolled in cinnamon sugar. Um, umm!
The doughnut dough rolled out and rising for the second time.
In the hot oil.
A few of the first ones out. These were deformed, they didn't all turn out like this. Like I say, they don't have to look good, they just have to taste good. :)
After cooling a few seconds, they are dipped in cinnamon sugar.
They end results! DELICIOUS!


Rachel M. said...

Yum!! :) Those look so tasty! :)

Ryan said...

I'm dieing on this side of the computer. Posting pictures of food should be outlawed!LOL


Bethany said...

hehe, well you don't live too far away. Name the price and I'll make some for ya. ;)