Monday, January 5, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend!

On Friday afternoon after cleaning the house and packing clothes for a two day vacation, we drove an hour and a half to a growing town near Grand Rapids Michigan. We stayed at our best friend's (the Regans) home where we had supper, watched a movie and some of us stayed at their house overnight while the others went to our Grandparents house about 3-4 miles away. We had an excellent time and were sad to leave. However, we were on our way to a hotel to stay the night, so we couldn't stay sad too long! It was also Jena's birthday, so she was estatic! We were able to get into the hotel early (around noon) so we got a good head start on swimming. They pool wasn't huge, but pretty nice. We had tons of fun! Thanks so much Dad for taking us!
We had a birthday party in one of the 3 hotel rooms that we had for Jena. Thank goodness for Sam's Club! :)
Blow it out and make a wish! Our family loves to take pictures of people blowing out their candle(s).

She got a horse calender, gum and 2 DVDs. Looks like Myah wants some gum. :)
Goofy girls. Ben is displaying the DVD's.....backwards.
Elizabeth, Katelin, Rebekah and I in the pool. You can see Ben in the background.
Elizabeth, Bethany, Rebekah, Jena.
Rebekah hanging out in the pool.
Elizabeth with her death grip on the pool side. She likes the water, but doesn't like deep water.
The birthday girl enjoying a late night swim. Actually it was only about 8:00.

We got home Sunday afternoon after a delightful weekend. We are back to school along with all the rest of the "kids" after Christmas break. Actually, I was looking forward to having a schedule again. Even if it is on a Monday.



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Thanks Bethany! We had a WONDERFUL time with you all too:) Can't wait for next time!!

Love you much,