Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Day in Review

Yesterday was a full day so you are all going to get picture bombed. Yesterday was the beginning of a New Year, Rebekah's birthday, the ice was ready, and we had a little family fondue party. We begin with the ice skating. We went out around 2:00 to check the ice. It was a bit cracky, but it was thick enough. It scared the wits out of a few of the girls, but we still pulled them out there. Then we all walked back up to the house to get our skates, rode back in the van and put our skates on. We were out there for over and hour and could have stayed out longer (I mean, I could have :)). It was awesome!All the ice skaters except me. Devin had been out there for a short while, but walked up because her feet were hurting.
Me skating around. This is by far my favorite winter sport.Ben attempting to skate. Actually, for a 4 year old, he does pretty good!
Katelyn didn't really care for the sound of the ice cracking, so she either stayed with the bucket or by the tree.
Elizabeth, Jenna and Sophie on the ice.

We try to have a family fondue party on New Years Day every year. When we came in from ice skating, we began cutting up meat, bread, onions, and getting all the other stuff ready. It is a huge process, but very much enjoyed.

The table all set for a fondue party. All 12 of us sat at one table.
Raw beef and chicken to be cooked in oil.
Shrimp that can be eaten plain, deep fried in oil, or dipped in drakes to deep fry in oil.
A fondue pot full of hot oil and fondue sticks with food on them.
This picture......
.....and this picture describe how we all felt after we were done eating all that grease.

After eating supper, we all gathered in the living room to watch Rebekah open presents. Then we had dessert (pictures below) and dropped in bed. Tiring day.
Rebekah right after opening her new Bible she received from Mom and Dad.
The dessert table. Makes me hungry just to look at it. :)
Happy Birthday Rebekay! Maybe God bless you with many more years to come! Love you!



Bethany said...

Looks like ya'll had fun. I have only been ice skating twice. Would love to do it outside instead of inside on a made ice rink.

Anonymous said...

Looked like fun!

Jenna said...

Hey Bethany!
I have given you two blog awards! Check them out on my blog, and then copy and paste them to your blog following the same things that I did:)

I love you!