Thursday, January 1, 2009

Homemade Noodles

Yesterday we made a bunch of noodles, egg and regular. I took several pictures, so you can see how it is all done. We started with the egg noodles (my favorite). First you mix 3 cups of egg yolks (about 3 dozen eggs).
Then add 13 cups of flour which makes a VERY stiff dough.
Roll a piece of dough out to be about 10"x3"x however thin you can get it and run it through the smooth rollers on the noodle maker. This flattens the dough to make the noodles thinner.

Then the flattened dough goes through the second set of rollers which cuts it into noodle size.

The noodles are then hung to dry. We use our wooden clothes rack.
The regular noodle recipe makes a much smaller batch, using only 6 whole eggs and 4 cups of flour. However, more flour is added later when rolling the dough out as shown here by Jena.
The rolled out dough is put through the rollers to press it as done with the egg noodles.....
.....and run through the second set of rollers to cut them into noodle shapes.
You can see the difference between the egg and regular. These noodles are so much better than store bought noodles, it is amazing!!! I am encouraging everyone to try them out!



Jenna said...

We make drop noodles (for a soup) but would love to try these! Where do you get the noodle press? Now would be a perfect time to make them for us, because we have about 18 doz. eggs!! lol...the hens must be happy:)


Bethany said...

Beat you! We had 28! :) We are actually borrowing one from the Hoovers and one from the Brandenbergers, got two goin'.