Saturday, January 17, 2009

Normal School Days

Myah playing.

Devin doing school with Sophie. :)

Katelin doing math.

Okay, so it looks like she is looking at nothing, but there really is something on the screen.

Jenna doing school.

Ben is going to become a "fire man" someday, he is beginning with puzzles.

Elizabeth working on math.

I apologize to everyone for not updating earlier. All of our camera's batteries have been dead and we have had a problem getting pictures, and I know posts are boring without pictures. :) We did get a few pictures the other day though of a normal school day, so that is what you all get stuck with. I guess school is pretty much all we have been doing since the temps here in MI are below zero all the time. One morning when I woke up it was -21, felt like -31. Thankfully we are looking at teen temps now. Hopefully it will warm up a little and we can get back out sledding, skating and walking again. The last few mornings have been beautiful. The sun comes up over the trees and makes the snow everywhere sparkle and shine. It is especially pretty if the trees are covered with snow or ice. I wish I could get some pictures of it...can you tell I miss my camera? :)

With everyone locked up in the house, we have been learning to get along with each and thankfully it is going well. I have really been surprised and so thankful that the girls have adjusted so well. We are going to miss all of them I think. Please continue to pray for us, their court date is on the 22nd and they are kinda nervous about it.

Today is Mom's birthday, 39 years old! She was served breakfast in bed by Elizabeth and Jenna, went to get her hair cut, came home and we all had egg salad sandwiches, opened presents and ate cake. We are going to have pizza for supper and watch the second disk of The Gospel of John. Should be a relaxing evening. And just for the record, mom got 2 boxes of chocolates, a robe, a new spatula, a new wisk and a really good kind of shampoo and conditioner (I know that I should know, but I don't so does that say anything about me and knowing about all that kind of girly stuff?). Hopefully she had a good day. :) I am so thankful for her and all she does. She deserves so much!

Well, I'll close here. Have a great day and TRUST IN GOD in whatever you do!


Joshua said...

It has been hot in Southern California lately. Temperatures reaching the high 80's a couple days ago. Cooled off a bit to the mid- 70's. The coldest it has ever been here in the history of my life is about 32 in the early morning hours. Well anyways, I have to go back to painting the fence. Talk to you later.

Anonymous said...

Well, some people have learned to take advantage of the cold and snowy weather – we went skiing! Anyways, I enjoyed reading your post, and it's good to meet you!
God bless, J.J.

Anonymous said...

I go to a public school.

Mary said...

tell ur mom happy birthday and you should post a picture of her and her new haircut.