Sunday, February 8, 2009

1st Kid Pictures!

Here are the pictures of the kids. They aren't the greatest since kids just WON'T stand still. :) Sorry about the blue eyes too, I am not quite sure why it was doing that. Probably the lighting, but they are in a barn! :) Oh, and the girl has been name Mattie. I still need something to make it longer, but we're working on that!
I love this picture! This is Mattie laying beneath her brother. So cute!!!
All the babies snuggled together. From l-r Mattie, boy, boy. The boy's names haven't been decided on yet.
Little Mattie.
Brother and sister...bro on the left, Mattie on the right. Just for everyone's info, she has AWESOME legs. :)
Gypsy's buck kids yesterday morning. He was only about 8 hours old here. Rachel is thinking of using him as a market wether.
I don't care for this picture since it's so dark, but the is Missy's buck inside the house. I am going to use him for my market wether. Any name ideas? I would prefer it to start with a M and kinda go with Missy/Mattie. I've been thinking of Matteo.


Jenna said...

What about Mister? I can't think of any other ones right now, but maybe later:)

Your friend,

Kevin Wegner said...

Neat pictures Bethany! I wasn't there when our cow had its calf, so I don't know what its like.


Regan Family Farm said...

Fantastic start to kidding season! How 'bout Marcus??

Bethany said...

They are sooooo cute! I love seeing baby goats. What about Major?