Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nibbles' kidding!

Nibbles kidded this morning around 7:30 with twin bucks. Arggg! I could have used at least 1 doe! :) They are both strong and healthy and I got a few decent videos. The first was born in the "diving" position and the second was born breech. I had to assist in both of them so there is some interesting parts to it.

For Nibbles history, she has now had 14 kids in 6 kiddings - 5 does, 9 bucks.
Enjoy the video!


Jenna said...

Poor girl! Is she seven now? I enjoyed the video...and you're right, that is an amazing unbilical cord! WOW!!! Great job Nibbles:)

...Bethany, at least you kept Alithia from last year...

Jenna said...

Oh! The lighting is ~great~ too!!!