Saturday, February 7, 2009

It has begun!

I apologize to everyone for not updating earlier. I tried several times to upload some videos but they weren't loading, so we'll just go for pictures which I will post later. We do have news here at Asher Acres; the kids have begun to arrive!

Okay, I just put the milk on to heat treat and have 1 hour to write this and email a good friend! Guess I'd better hurry up. Yesterday morning when I went out to do chores I noticed Missy had let down her milk and was starting to act strange. I knew the kids were on their way so we tried to stay quiet. Gypsy had also let down her milk so I stuck her in the kidding pen next to Missy. I knew she was going to be a little bit since she was eating her feed and hay fine. I came in from chores, ate breakfast, did inside chores and started school. Around 10:30 Dad came in from the barn to say that Missy was pushing. I went out with him and Ben and she was pushing but just a little bit and they were pitiful! So I went to go make sure everything was set up in the feed room where we dry off the kids. About 10 minutes later I went out there and she was pushing pretty good. It only took her a few moments to push out the first...a doe! We got her into the feed room and got her all whipped of and blown dry. She is the spittin' image of her Papa. It wasn't 10 minutes later that she pushed out the second...a buck! They were both huge babies (9.3 lbs. and 8.7 lbs) so I knew she wasn't going to have trips. We took them inside where they continue to stay. We'll move them out this afternoon. Missy is an awesome doe! She has wonderful kids, excellent kids and is now recovering nicely!

So I knew Gypsy was getting close but I wasn't sure on how close. I figured during the night or in the morning. I went to go check on her before going to bed (around 9:15) and saw her pushing. I knew everyone was getting ready for bed inside so I just stayed out in the barn and got stuff ready. After a little bit I noticed she wasn't getting anywhere so I decided to help out. She had the hooves right there but she was hardly dilated at all. Thankfully Devin had noticed me heading out so she came out. She tried to help hold back the skin so I could pull. She finally got a good contraction and I pulled hard. We finally got the head through and then of course the body came through too. It was a little buck. He wasn't that big so we thought she would have at least one more. 10 minutes ticked by and still nothing. We milked her out so our night wouldn't get too late. Finally we decided to go in(the goat) and see what we could fine. Abigail said she was still open but she didn't feel anything. So we came inside hoping she was done. She is a strange goat and has had odd births every year. We always manage to "go in" with her. Abigail went to bed but Devin and I stayed up a little while getting her molasses and oatmeal drink together and heat treating the milk. Then we went to check on her one more time and I "went in" again. It felt like she was closing up and it looked like the afterbirth was on it's way out. So we came inside and went to bed. It was around 11:30 then. I was disappointed with a single buck, but whatever. I give up trying to figure her out. She seemed okay this morning, no bad side effects and everyone is looking good. I am thankful that everything went well, we were there for all the kiddings, etc. Well, that's my timer! Time to go feed babies! I don't have any great pictures right now but I will try to get more up today.

Have a great day everyone!


Jenna said...

Yeah! How fun that the kids are arriving!! You know me, I'm looking forward to all of the stories:)
Love you Bethany!

Ryan said...

Sounds like everything's going great.
How many kids do you get a year?


Bethany said...

Jenna, I will try to post all the stories, but come March I might have a hard time remembering which is which and you will all be tired of my stories. :)

Ryan, this year will be out biggest year by far. We bred 19-20 does so we should finish with around 40 kids! I think he most we've ever had is 20 some. It's lots of work, but loads of fun! Remind me that I said this in a few months, Ok? :)