Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Church

Today is Sunday. So what do we all automatically think about? Church of course. What is church? What are we looking for when we go to church? Why do we go to church? What makes a good church?

What is a church and why do we go?
The church, is within us. This means that we are the church. So whenever several believers gather, this means that the church is gathering. We don't need to go to a building to go to church though the fellowship with other believers is a God given desire. He desired fellowship (the reason he created man) and because we are created in His image we desire it as well.

What are we looking for in a church?
I have been to many different churches in my short life. I have been to many different denominations and you know what I have seen in every one? Judgment. Everyone wants to find the church that teaches what they believe. Okay, sounds good. The thing is, don't we all BELIEVE in Jesus? I don't understand how people judge others on the fact that they are this denomination or that denomination. This person does this and that person does that and so therefore we can not let them come to our church. See what I'm getting at? This is in almost every church I have been to.

What makes a good church?
Well, I think people get down on others too fast or too hard. Yes they may not think the way you do, but do you totally not need to fellowship with them anymore? I don't think we need to find a whole bunch of people that are doing everything "right" (especially 'cause they probably aren't) but find one where the people are willing to accept everyone for being who they are. Everyone is different and God made them that way. He made them to THINK differently as well.

Thoughts anyone? I would be happy to hear them!

In Christ,


J.J. Biddinger said...

Hmm... that is one of the most thougt-provoking posts I've read in a while!

The first section, I fully agree with. The second, I partially do. You said, "The thing is, don't we all BELIEVE in Jesus?", meaning it doesn't matter which church you go to, as long as the people believe in Jesus.

But, what if we used the same idea for, say, ice skating. When you are looking for a good ice-skating school (in this case, like a church), you wouldn't say, "The thing is, don't we all want to have fun ice-skating?", would you?

Some places teach you how to ice skate differently, and some do it better than others. The same applies for a church. Sure, most churches believe in Jesus, and many teach the right way to be saved. But not every church will be as God intended the church to be.

So, the choice of one's church should be God's leading. But, I disagree with, as you said, not letting people come to a church because they are apart of another denomination.

Well, Bethany, you've made me make one of my longest comments ever . :P

Bethany said...

Thank you brother for your thoughts! I apologize that I didn't make that clearer. I mean, you obviously want to make sure you are learning the truth and not going into but you don't want to judge the church by the little outward things such as youth group, little side beliefs, etc. It kinda all points back to picking and choosing all because of these little things. Does that make sense? If not I'll try to explain again. :)

In Christ,

Josh said...

You did such a great job expressing your thoughts! I only wish I had done as good a job as you. See you friday!!!

J.J. Biddinger said...

Bethany, thank you for writing it out. I agree!